Mule Horse Drawn Weddings

   So you’ve popped the question and she said yes… congratulations! The hard part is done. Let the journey begin! Now it’s time to knock her socks off with a one-of-a-kind mule drawn stagecoach wedding. That’s right; everyone does horse drawn events, but not you… you’re different. Ride off into the sunset with style. The luxurious and classic Iona Overland Stagecoach has enough room for you and your new beautiful wife, plus if you’re feeling adventurous, you can bring four more friends. The coach seats six, you could have Lee drop you off at your favorite saloon for a celebration cocktail, and live it up. Then head on over to the reception in the stagecoach and make some great memories.

Have an anniversary coming up and need an activity that is out-of-the-box? Let Mule Tuff Farm’s carriage service come to your rescue. Ride the classic stagecoach through the peaceful countryside. Maybe you want to impress your lady with more of a fairy tale theme. Our black classic carriage has a magnificent and luxurious experience of its own. You have to admit, it has the feel of a critically acclaimed Tim Burton movie.

Bookings fill up fast, so do not hesitate to call and make your appointment today. Talk to Lee about pricing options and any ideas or questions you might have. Hope to hear from you soon because around here, there is nothing better than a good old classic coach ride.

Call us today at 308-340-6232. Pricing starts at only $250.

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