You might ask yourself, why mules? The answer is simple, they’re reliable and they get the job done. The mule is an excellent worker and is very intelligent. Compared to a horse, mules are better in the heat and require less water. Some have even gone the distance to compare them to camels. Mules are much simpler to feed as they’re not picky about the best grass or alfalfa like a horse. They just like clean hay. Mules eat less feed as well. They also incur fewer veterinary expenses; after all they’re just tuff. Mules are great in the hills and mountains as they’re very sure footed animals unlike the horse. Finally, the mules are loaded with great personality. What more reason do you need?

Here at Mule Tuff Farm, country living is our business. Established in 1996 by Lee and Pat Janssen, just outside McCook, Nebraska, the Janssen family has a prize collection of mules and carriages. There are four female Percheron Cross mules to be exact. There are Jane and Judy, both of whom are fourteen years young and strong. Then there are the youngsters Mandy and Kate. Mandy is six years old and Kate is seven years old. Lee has over 30 years of experience working with, and training mules.

Lee’s collection of antique carriages is in excellent shape. For starters, there is the Iona Overland Stagecoach… perfect for exciting events, such as weddings, celebrations and even movies. Next up is the black carriage or the pall bearer carriage. This carriage can be used for funerals or even as a casual riding carriage. Last, but not least, we have the black hearse carriage for transporting caskets. Send your loved one off with a special funeral that they can be proud of and the entire family will remember for a lifetime.

So if you’re planning a special event in the near future or shooting the next Hollywood blockbuster western movie, pick up the phone and give Mr. Lee Janssen a call. He will be happy to assist you. Thank you for choosing Mule Tuff Farm for your stagecoach and carriage rental needs.

Call us today at 308-340-6232. Pricing starts at only $250.

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