Have a great reason to celebrate or party? Wait, this is America… who needs a reason? Make your next celebration special or as the kids call it nowadays… awesome! Whether it be a birthday party, anniversary, career promotion, barn dance, country music festival, fancy dinner, etc, mule drawn stagecoach or carriage is just what you need to make it different.

Think of the expression your loved one would make if you picked them up for the party via Iona Overland Stagecoach drawn by a pair of rugged and tuff Percheron Cross mules. You can bet that they will remember the day for years and years. Or maybe, just maybe… you’re filming the next Hollywood blockbuster western movie and you’re looking for an exciting stagecoach that shines on the silver-screen. We have the powerful mules and stagecoach you’re looking for.

So give Mr. Lee Janssen a phone call and schedule the date you need, mark your calendar, save the date, go purchase some new snappy duds and get ready for an adventurous and eventful day that you will honor for years to come.

Call us today at 308-340-6232. Pricing starts at only $250.

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